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05 Best finance book that can change your life | Top finance books in the world

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Hello, Friends in this blog post we will share with you information about the best finance book in the world, that can change your life. You can get so much financial knowledge from these books. Read the books and invest in yourself. As of now if your earning is $1000 per month that can be increased to $5000 per month.

So read the full article to change your life. Here are the 05 popular books given below.

05 Best finance book that can change your life

01) Rich Dad, Poor Dad

This book is written by the Robert T. Kiyosaki 

Robert’s real dad is a poor dad, he was highly educated with multiple degrees and a stable job. Earning pretty well money. His dad is not wealthy. And his advice to not take risks.

One of the best risks taken from this book is rich people take Assets and Poor people take liabilities.  

Now you will be thinking about what are assets and liabilities, So here is the information below.

What is an Asset?

An asset is essentially something that is put into the wallet.

What is a liability?

A liability is something that takes out of the wallet.

02 ) Your money OR Your life

This book is written by Vicki Robin

In this, you learn to decide what’s enough for you ( not too much or not too little ).  Also, you can learn how to calculate your net worth. And compare it to how much money you actually made in a lifetime. You can also learn how to calculate your true hourly wages when you take them into account. You also learn what is money actually money, not currency. ( Dollar, euro, and pound ) or any currency.

Money is actually life’s energy. You can learn how to generate or how to make enough money.

03 ) The Barefoot Investor

This book is written by Scott Pape. 

It is a really amazing book if you are Australian. However, if you are not Australian another book is “I will teach you to be reach” which is written by Ramit Sethi. 

This book is life-changing and we will also teach you how you can generate more money.

04 ) The Millionaire Next Door

This book is written by Thomas Stanley. 

What we can learn from this book is Actually, millionaires that live next door and lots more achievable to become a millionaire. In this book they give a lot of details about a study they have done on the millionaire and they have categories what are the characteristics the millionaire has.

From this book, we can learn ( How to become a millionaire). They (millionaires) are not living in a fancy house, or they are not showing luxury life. But they can buy anything ( luxury houses and cars, apartments or anything ).

Millionaires have below characteristics:

  • Live below their means
  • Self Employee

05 )  Rule #1

The book is written by Phil town. 

This book teaches us the fundamentals ( Value )  of investing money and also how to invest in high-quality businesses.

Phil town mentions four ( M-M-M-M)

  • M- Meaning
  • M- Moat
  • M- Management
  • M- Margin or Safety

So hope you guys get the information about the best personal finance and investing books.

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