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How to Download youtube Video | How to save youtube videos

by ytstudio

So here in this blog, we will share with you information about the How to Download Youtube Video, we are sharing only legal information with you. We are not sharing any illegal activity on this blog. So read the full article for your kind of information.

Ok, so how to download ( Save ) Youtube Video.

How to Download Youtube Video

First, open the youtube App the select the Video that you want to download the Video, then follow the below procedure.

And I would like to tell you that your internal storage should be free. If you are trying to download the videos.

Here is the Example I am sharing with you


Ok, so here I am taking the Example of the “Despacito” Song.

Despacito is a very famous song Worldwide. So how do download this song?

When you open the Video from youtube there is Five Option ( 05 ) below at  the video.

There is

  • Like
  • Dislike
  • Share
  • Download
  • Save 

Buttons we have to see.

So click on the download you can download easily. You can 360 P And 720 P Quality. 

But but but 

You should have to buy the Youtube premium, So prepaid plans are listed below:

Charges of plans are

  • 01 Months: 139 Rs
  • 03 Months: 399 Rs

You will get the Free one ( 01 ) month trial. From the youtube App.

When you buy the susbcription you can download the songs.

Now we will see how to save youtube videos in the Library of the Youtube Videos.

So here i am taking the example of the Shakira song “waka waka”

How to save youtube videos

Ok so open the Youtube App, then open your favourite video that you want to save the videos.

Below the video there are some like, Dislike, Share, Download and save Options.

Ok So click on the Save Option.

Ok when you click on this this will be added to your New Playlist.

And also you can save video to Watch later.

So buy using this you can download ( Save ) Youtube videos.


We are not sharing Illegal or Policy Voilation content on our website. So reader kindly think about the information all the information is legal.

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