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How to earn money from Facebook Page | Upload Videos and earn money

by ytstudio

How to earn money from Facebook Page

So here in this blog post, we will see how to earn money from Facebook ( Page ). Two or three years ago you can earn money from the Facebook page, but now you can earn money from the Facebook Account also.

So first you need to open facebook.com and then register yourself. After that log in with a username and password. 

First, you have to convert your profile into a Facebook page. This means you should have at least one Facebook page.

Everybody knows about Youtube monetization but ( Facebook also pays a good amount of money ). So I will request creators to upload the same videos on Facebook.

Make one video and upload it on youtube and Facebook. So you can double your earnings.

If you are earning an amount of 1000$ on youtube then, you can make 1000$ with Facebook, On the same Videos. So make sure to upload videos on both platforms.

When you upload a Video on youtube it can make 1000$, but if you upload the same video you can also make 1000$ or 1500$ on the same video.

How to convert your Account into Facebook Page?

First, log in with a Facebook account.

On the right side, you will have to see the three dots ( … )  ( Turn on professional mode ).

  • You can get paid for the content
  • Grow your audience
  • See content insight

Turn on the professional mode ( Welcome to professional mode ).

All that followers will be converted into your Facebook followers. Now you can Monetize your Facebook page,  and Earn Money.

What are the Criteria for Facebook Monetization?

You should have 600K Views on the Video and 10K Followers.  But your criteria should be fulfilled. On Facebook, there is reached also an option but you should have to calculate the Views Only.

Youtube VS Facebook Monetization Criteria?

You can see here,

  • Views: 600K
  • Followers: 10K

Without completing the 10K followers, You can not earn the money.

And now we will see the youtube monetization criteria.

If you have a youtube channel and you are trying to earn some money with that channel, so you should have completed the following criteria.

  • Subscribers: 1K 
  • Watch time: 4000 Hrs

How much money you can make with Facebook Page?

Before that we will see, how to see your Facebook earnings.

So open your creator studio on Facebook.

You can make 20$ on the 100K Views, You can 50$ on the other 100K Views. It depends upon the Video topic and keyword of the Video. There are Up-Downs in the Facebook Earning. Sometimes it may be high or low Earning.

How to check the total earnings of Facebook?

On the left-hand side, you can see, Home, Notification, insight, Monetisation, and other Blocks.

Click on the payout setting – Payout details – Go to payout

You can see the Date, Type, Summary, and Amount.

Ok so hope you guys get the information about how to earn money on the Facebook

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