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What is Youtube And How to Earn money From youtube

by ytstudio

So Here in this blog post we will see how to earn money from youtube channel, IF you are interested in the  youtube video uploading platform.  If you can upload your quality video on the youtube, then you can earn some money.

If you are able to upload the Daily one or two. Or you are able to upload weekly two or more videos then you can make some money. But there is also some monetization policy, so all the information we will see here in this blog post. So read all the information.

Before that we will see how to earn money from youtube.

What is youtube?

Youtube is the Video platform here you can see entertainment, Education and Comedy and other Videos. This is one of the large search engine in the World after the the google search engine.

The Youtube has more than 34 Billion Viewers on the monthly basics. It has more than 100 Million + Download on the google play store,

In this platform you can watch videos and also you can create videos and earn money from the youtube.

How to earn money From youtube?

If you are really interested in the Video Platform, So you should have to upload the Video, And you will never have to give up. This youtube and online digital marketing takes so much time to grow. Means you should have to give some time on the youtube.

You have to learn about the youtube platform.

Means you have to take some knowledge about

  • How to upload youtube videos
  • How to set Thumbnail of youtube video
  • What is the Adsense
  • What is the copyrights
  • What is YT Studio
  • What is Bell Notification
  • How to Go live When your are Gaming Streamer
  • How to reply Youtube Comment
  • How to see youtube Analytics
  • How to create youtube Playlist
  • What is Subtitle
  • How to monetize youtube channel
  • What is YT Music
  • How to Set Music from Youtube library
  • What is NCS
  • How to see your youtube Subscribers
  • What is Youtube play Button
  • What is Silver Play button
  • What is Golden Play button

Before earning you will have to learn above some information.

Still i will share with you the information about how you can make the money from youtube.

How to earn money from youtube?

If you have to earn money you will have to join the youtube partner program. And If you have to earn money from youtube, you should have to complete the 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hrs ( Watchtime ).

For completing this you have to regularly upload videos, If you are really interested in youtube then you can upload the Videos. And you will complete the above condition of youtube Partner program.

You have to upload the Videos till the When you have not completed the Youtube Watchtime.

When you will complete the Above condition to join the Partner program. You will see in your dashboard. When you are able, you will be succesfully join the partner program.

When you apply for the joining partner program, You should have to sign up for the adsense.

And upload your youtube url in the URL section.

And your youtube channel will be follow all the policies of the adsense, you will be send the one message from the youtube on the email.

That email like:

You have join the Partner program Succesfully.

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