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How to get 1000 subscribers on youtube free in 2022 | How much does youtube pay for 1000 subscribers

by ytstudio

Here in this blog post, we will cover the topic of how to get 1K ( 1000 ) Subscribers on YouTube. What is the Actual procedure to get the 1000 Subscribers on youtube?

If you are the new person on youtube and you are trying to start a youtube channel and make youtube like a full-time career. So you should require the 1000 Subscribers to motivate yourself. Because if you have 1K Subscribers and 4000 Watch hrs on youtube, So you will be able to monetize your youtube channel.

So if you complete the 1000 Subscrierbs, So you will enjoy creating more videos. ( Because you are getting some money from this ). Ok, so we will see how to get the first 1000 Subscribers.

How to get 1000 subscribers on youtube free?

If you are making the Video, So Make the video that video will be watching the person from start to end full video. This means all the Video is watched by the Viewers on youtube.  Ok So make the video ( Songs or Techincal, Any other Video ) That should be some helpful or Entertaining Video.

If you are making the Video technical So give all the effort in that video, Add some Valuable content to your Video. If the Watchtime is Increased by the viewers the youtube will automatically promote youtube videos.

All the main fact depends upon the Video ( Create A good video ). If your video is very good, Then your video will have automatic Views, and automatically Increase subscribers.

You can say, “View Increase Also Subscribers Increased”

  • If you have the 1000 Views So you can get the 100 Subscribers
  • And If you have 100000 Views So you can get  Easily 1000 Subscribers.

The Main Point of the Video:

  • Video Editing
  • Graphics
  • Audio Quality ( Sound )

For Video Editing:

If you are a Mobile user so you can the Kinemaster or Powerdirector App for free.

OR If you are the Laptop or Dekstop users ( Filmora ), Imovie, and VideoPad.

For the Graphics:

You can use the 3D Animation Software, For Graphics Design and Animation Video Editing.

Audio Quality ( Sound ):

You can use the Boya By-M1 Mic. This is the Best Budget Microphone for the Small YouTubers.

Buy: Boya M1 MIc

I have used this mic for my video and Sound quality improves from 1% to 100% ( Low to High ) Clear Audio.

If your video Has more Views So you can get more Subscribers.

How much does youtube pay for 1000 subscribers?

Youtube not paying For Subscribers, Youtube only pays for the Ads.

If you Have 1000 Subscribers  But your Video has 1 Lakhs+ View, So you can make the money like ( 100$ ) From the ads ( Adsense ). But if your video has only 50K  Views, So you can make only ( 50 $ ).

This means it does not depend upon the Subscribers, If your video has more views you can make much more money. More Ads on your video so more you can make the money it is totally Depend upon the RPM Of the Ads.

Ok, So You can make either 50$ or 100$ on the 1000 Subscribers.

In this blog post we have cover how to get 1000 Subscribers fast.

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