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How to get more views on youtube | How to viral your Youtube Video

by ytstudio

So in this blog post, we will see how to get more views on youtube, When you upload videos. How to upload videos and all the information about how to viral your youtube videos.

How to get more views on youtube?

Most of the YouTubers are thinking about it, they have made a good channel. And also create the best content on his / her channel. But the videos have not got more views. So what is the procedure to get more views on the youtube channel?

The person or peoples are working on youtube for one or more two years but they don’t understand the algorithm of youtube. So here we will share with you some information about the youtube algorithm how does it work.

The youtube channel is not growing, when they are sharing the videos with these friends so they will get some view. But those are not organic views as youtube suggested or the youtube search.

Now you will see on youtube there is a lot of channels are made in the different niches like,

  • Technology
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Prank
  • Comedy
  • News

And etc.

So you can not think how many channels are in the world. where youtube is used. So try to create your own content and promote that content.

I have created good content ( Videos )  Still Views are fewer?

I know you have created a new youtube channel. but New channel has no subscribers, those subscribers maybe your friends or family. So these are not the legit subscriber that you want.

What is the probability that they will watch your videos, If you are uploading videos tech category. And your friend loves to watch funny videos. Why should your friends watch your videos?

You have created a regular video on your youtube channel. If you have told much more information in your video, so your video can be promoted by youtube to the viewers automatically.

How to viral your Youtube Video?

If you are new to the youtube industry, So you should have to watch the videos for at least one hour a day.

If you are the Tech videos creator:

So you should have to more focus on the mobile, Tech widgets, Smartphones, Tech news.

If the trending news is iPhone XR is launching within two days.

So you should have to make the videos like tittles are listed below:

  • How to buy iPhone XR in United state
  • How to buy iPhone XR in the united kingdom
  • What is the price of the iPhone XR
  • How to buy iPhone XR From Amazon
  • How to Connect iPhone XR to Desktop
  • How to Make an Apple ID in iPhone XR
  • How to get a Discount on iPhone XR
  • What is the RAM of the iPhone XR
  • What is the Processor of the iPhone XR
  • What is the version  of the iPhone XR
  • iPhone XR vs Oneplus 9T Comparison
  • iPhone XR vs Google Pixel Comparison

So make videos on the trending topic, so one of your videos may be viral and you will get some initial boost to your channel and your channel get more view and obviously, more view means more subscribers.

If your videos have 1000 Views Initially, So you can get at least 50 Subscribers.

You have to stay active on your channel, You have to create the first Videos ( Quality Videos ). If there are no videos on youtube on that topic. So your videos will be at the top of the videos. And you will get the views.

If you are making the videos, After 1000+ Videos uploaded on youtube so you will not get more views, Your video will be under 100 Views only.

So If your Tech Video creator so ready to upload the videos. This means you have to Active on social media.

I mean to say that update your technical knowledge and share this knowledge with your subscribers.


Make the videos on trending topics ( You will get more views )

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