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How to get pay from youtube | How to Get Your Youtube Earning In your bank Account

by ytstudio

So in this blog post, we will cover the topic of How to get pay from youtube, How you will get money from youtube, and how much money you will get. All the information we will see here in this blog post.

How to get pay from youtube?

If you have the content creator and you are YouTuber and if you are new to youtube. And you don’t know how you can get the youtube money in your bank account.

If you are a good content creator and you are uploading videos continuously on youtube.

And Video with Quality content. So you have already made some amount in your youtube AdSense. But when you get the Bank Option ( Join Bank account details ).

The procedure is simple.

In simple language I like to tell you that information about youtube money and how do you get paid.

Procedure to monetize your youtube channel

I know if you are uploading quality content and you are love to upload the videos. So you can get more subscribers and more views.

What is the rule for monetizing the youtube channel?

When you completed the First 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch hrs, So You are eligible to monetized your youtube channel. And that videos not anybody else. All the videos that are yours ( Non- Copyrighted ).

All the videos are original and you are. Then you can apply for monetization. The Youtube team will review your channel. If there is no Violation found then your channel will be monetized successfully.

Now, you will think my channel is monetized but how did I get my payment in my bank account.

So When you apply for monetization you will be automatically signing up for Adsense.

What is Adsense?

Adsense is the Google platform, which is used to show ads on the website and youtube. So you have already signed up for adsense.


When you get paid in your bank account?

When you completed 10$ in your AdSense account, the AdSense team will send your a letter. To verify that is your original creator or person behind this channel.

Also, you have to verify your identity ( you have to upload your government ID proof ). You can use a PAN card, Driving License.

They will send you 6 Digit PINs on your registered address ( This address you have filled ) When you sign up for adsense. This pin will receive you within 02 or 03 Weeks. Submit that pin on your Adsense account.

Your Account will be verified successfully.

Ok, now when you completed the verification you will get the option to Attach ( Bank Account details ).

Enter your bank account number and get paid when you completed the 100$ in your AdSense account.

If I am not able to complete 100$?

If you are not able to complete the 100$, then you could not get this money to your bank account. Because in AdSense you should have to complete the minimum threshold of 100$.

So hope you completed the 100$ and get paid into your bank account.

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