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How to increase RPM on youutbe | How to get high CPM and RPM on youtube

by ytstudio

Hello Friends,

Here in this blog post, I will share with you some information about how to increase rpm on youtube videos, How to get high RPM on the low youtube views, Means in short how you can make more money with low youtube views.

If you are YouTuber ( you have completed 1K Subscribers and 4000 Hrs Watch time,  I think you are uploading videos on youtube. But you are getting very low RPM on youtube, So we are trying to provide some tips to increase the RPM.

Before that, we will see what is RPM?

What is RPM?

RPM ( Revenue per mile ) is  1000 (  Thousand ) impressions of the Ad on the youtube videos. How much money you can make with the 1000 Views on youtube. You can make a Different amount of money on the 1000 Views on youtube because everybody has and have different niches and different video categories.

So here we will see the Tips to increase the RPM on youtube

Tips to increase the RPM on youtube?

If you are a Tech videos creator so you can make Videos on topics like making money, Affiliate marketing, Finance, Online business, and how to make a Website all this category.

Because the Advertiser will pay more money for that type of Video.

Example: If anyone wants to make a website, And he is searching on the youtube how to make a website.

So automatically the Highest RPM ( Ad ) of Shopify or Any web hosting company Ad will be seen there. Because youtube saves cookies for that particular user. And youtube will show the High RPM ad to the user.

If you are the person who makes the videos like lifestyle vlogs or pranks

How to increase the RPM on that type of video?

There is no special method to increase the RPM on youtube because advertisers are not paying more money for that type of video. Advertisers are not interested to show their ads in that type of video.

You can add the Words, Keywords like

( how to make money without doing anything prank ) videos.

I am in the Apple Company ( Vlog makers can use this keyword )

This means you can use the company name or any big brand company in your videos.

How to find the Topis that are paying High RPM on youtube?

Ok so you can make the videos targeting countries like the US ( United States), London, Canada (which means)  you have targeted to western countries )

And I will suggest you make videos like How to, And keywords are listed below:

  • Fiverr
  • How to Make money
  • Wix
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Bank
  • Finance
  • Dropshipping
  • Courses
  • Online business

There are no specific tricks or tips to increase RPM on youtube. It all depends upon where is your audience from, What is your video topic and others.

So I think, you will get the information about how to increase the RPM on youtube.

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