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How to Increase RPM on youtube ( Google Adsense )

by ytstudio

So here in this blog post, we will see how to increase the youtube RPM in the AdSense account. So kindly read the full article you will get the information about the RPM and how to increase this.

Here first we will see what is the RPM?

What is RPM?

RPM means Revenue per mile ( Revenue per 1000 Views ).

On youtube you will not get paid by the Views or Subscribers, You get paid money when ( in your Video ) there is Ad ( Advertisement ) is shown by google.

More Ads will show on your Video more your Revenue. So how to increase revenue ( RPM )

How to increase the RPM ( revenue )?

You Should have to make the content in English and focus on the US, UK Coutry. And try to make the Spanish and Canadian Content. And the use of the Proper keyword. All the CPC & RPM depends on the Keywords.

If you are making Videos on Finance, loans, credit card, Hosting, and Digital Marketing.

Here is the Example:

  • How to apply for a credit card in North America?
  • What are the best Hostings plan for the United State?
  • How to Earn money online?

This means try to make videos in the  English OR Spanish languages. ( Try to cover the Tier-1 ) Countries.

And I am Sure your RPM will increase to the 5 To 6 $ Dollars.

If you are making a Video like How to download PUBG Game?

So your Video has RPM is Approx 0.50 to 1 $ USD. So doesn’t make a video on this topic. If you are interested in these topics so you can make the video. But your earning will below. ( because your RPM is low ).

And one thing is that

Try to write the title in English languages, Also description and Tags also write in the English Languages.

How to find the Best keywords For Highest RPM?

You can use the Google Keyword planner for CPC

As you insert the keyword like

  • home insurance: 19 $ USD to 61 $ USD
  • travel insurance: 04 $ USD to 10 $ USD
  • auto insurance: 41 $ USD to 116 $ USD
  • insurance companies: 14 $ USD to 55 $ USD
  • geico car insurance: 09 $ USD to 29 $ USD
So these are some keywords, You will get High CPC and RPM on youtube.
Make videos like,
  • How to buy Home insurance
  • The best insurance company in America.

As you increase the RPM Your earnings will be automatically increased.

If you have 10$ RPM ( means 1000 Views= 10 $ )

if you have,

1,00,000 Views = 1000 $

So use this strategy to increase RPM and Earn more money from youtube.

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