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How to make money on youtube without monetization

by ytstudio

So in this blog post, we will see how you can make money on youtube without monetization. So If your channel is not monetized so you can not make money with the youtube partner program. But here I will tell you the ideas that can make the money without monetization.

Here I am sharing my experience with you guys. So read the full article for your kind of information.

If your channel in the Blog And website category. So you can make lots of money with this category without any youtube monetization.

How you can make money without youtube monetization?

So if you are a partner program of youtube, So you will make money on youtube with Google ads, Merchandise and supers chat also.

But here we will see how you can make money without the monetization.

Ok so your channel category is Blogs and website:

So you are making videos like

  • How to create a website?
  • How much money we can make with Blog?
  • What is Blogging?
  • Best course for blogging
  • Best Hosting for blog or website
  • What is Hosting?

So you are making videos in this category, So if you are new and you don’t have much more subscribers like only 500.

1. Affiliate Marketing,


If you have 500 Subscribers and you are continuously uploading videos and you will get the 50 To 60 Average Views on each video.

And the viewers interested in the making website or blog.

This person can buy the Hosting that is required to make every blog or website. And suppose you have entered the Affiliate link to buy the hosting.

Not all the peoples will buy your hosting, but interested people can buy, and you will get a commission.

Video Views: 50 Views

01 Person Can Buy Hosting

Now suppose you have

50 Views = 60 $ Commission (  From Hosting Company )

When this video ahs

500 Views = 600 $ Commission (  From Hosting Company )

So Youtube monetization also not give this money on youtube Ads.

So you can make money with Affiliate Marketing,

Affiliate marketing means you can share the product link and you will get the commission on each purchase. If you are a Tech Videos creator you can do affiliate marketing like products are Mobile, Chargers, headphones, and Computers.

Now the second option os you can sell your own digital products.

2.Sell Your Own Digital Products

Ok if you are Rally a blogger a web developer or any digital markeitng expert. So yu can make the course with your knowledge.


If you have 500 Susbcriber and your are giving some good information in your videos from the other. That information is also helpful to viewer so there is lot of chance to buy that particulat course.

So If you Have knowledge about the blog and website. But remember that you should have to make the legit and profitable course that can be helpful to to others.

So you can teach to the peoples that

How to create a website, that co-urse price aroud 10$.

If Other person provide only 50 Videos in the Course, Your are try to make 100 Videos in the course.

Ohter competators are sold there course in 50$. So you sold only in 10$.

Now you are thinking about how to create course, Where to sell this course and all that.

So if you have create a course ( Means Videos ). Sell on the Udemy. OR you can sell on your own website by using payment gateway like Razorpay.

3. Brand Promotions

If you have 500 Subscriber and Your channel is not monetized, you can get contact with brands.

Ok so you have 500 Subscribers only but your Videos has more views like 1K and  2K.

So brands can contact you or otherwise you can contact with them. By visitng thier website and choose the option make money with us.

So hope you guys you get all the information about How to make money on youtube without monetization.

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