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How to message someone on youtube

by ytstudio

Hello, friends in this blog post we will cover the topic of How to message someone on youtube, I know you all know about youtube. Youtube is not the Message App or Any social media Message service.

Youtube is the platform where you can watch the video only. But still, most of you are thinking about how to send messages to another person who is using Youtube.

How to message someone on youtube

The procedure is given below.

You actually not send messages but you can contact that YouTubers or anybody person that you want to talk to or send the messages to.

You can do the Comment ( and That comment ) will be going to the Youtuber. The youtube has a channel. I suppose you have to contact dude perfect then you have to comment on the Video.

So on youtube, there is no message sending option. You can contact with the Comment.  If you have to contact Via personally For brand promotion and other business.

All the YouTubers send their business ( Email Option ) on their description box.

How to see Send Message?

If I am YouTuber, then how do see someone send us a message from his unknown youtube channel. If you don’t have to create a youtube channel then you can also comment.

Because when you log in with your Google account ( all the Google product Gmail, youtube drive ) Sign in successfully.

If I Am YouTuber then how to see someone’s Messages?

When you log in to your Dashboard, you can see the comment option on the left side of the Dashboard. If someone Comment you will be able to see that comment in the form of a Message.

This method is for Desktop.

Now we will see for the Mobile?

So you have to open a youtube app, and if your channel is connected with the youtube channel.

In the youtube App, You will have to see the Bell icon on the Right Side of the Youtube app. And there you will have to see the Comments.

And that comment means the Messages.

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