How to remove Copyright Claim on youtube | How to Remove Youtube Copyright Strike

So friends in this blog post we will see, How to remove Youtube Copyright Strike. When you have used someone else content on your channel. You will get a copyright strike. So here we will see how to remove copyright Strike.

Before that, we will see what is copyright?

Copyright is a type of intellectual property that gives its owner the exclusive right to make copies of creative work, usually for a limited time. The creative work may be in a literary, artistic, educational, or musical form.

Here video is the main work.

Now we will see the difference between copyright claims and Copyright Strike?

Copyright claims:

If you used someone else content on your youtube channel, So you can get the Copyright claim but you cannot monetize the video.

The claimers can be individuals or companies.

If your youtube channel likes songs ( and you have used all the Songs of others’ Music Video ). So you can not monetize your youtube channel.

If you’re showing some creativity in your video but you used the small songs of the Company. So you can monetize your channel but you cannot make the money from this video. ( because you have a copyright claim ). So the owner of music or video earns money from your video.

If you have 03 copyright claims then your channel Active.

Copyright Strike:

If you used someone else content on your youtube channel, So you can get a Copyright strike but you cannot monetize the video and also your video can be deleted.

The claimers can be a company ( like a Music Company )

If you have 03 copyright strikes then your channel may be deleted.

How to Remove Youtube Copyright Claim?

If you used the songs like T- Series Company. In your video. If you are the Dance and making a dancing video. So I am sure you will get 100% Copyright. Because I have also made this mistake.

I am also making videos on the songs ( Songs mixing ) means Edit videos for fun. And upload the video and youtube.

So I get the copyright claim.

So what I do?

I remove the original songs and add the songs from the youtube library.

And Automatically copyright claim is hidden, Now my channel is working well.

And if you have a copyright claim so don’t worry, This is no big deal. Mean your channel is safe and secure but if you have a copyright strike then your channel is in the warning.

The copyright owner will be earning money from your video. ( This is condition Only )

How to Remove Youtube Copyright Strike?

If you used someone else content on your youtube channel. So you can get the copyright strike from the main owners of the Video. So how you can remove the copyright strike.

Ok so If you used someone’s video or Music In your video. So you can get the Copyright Strike from the youtube video owner. When you have a copyright Claim on your channel. On the Home screen of your youtube dashboard, there will be one pop-up notification.

So these will be shown on your youtube dashboard.

So here are some procedure that you have to follow:

Channel Violation: Active Copyright Strike

You will have to see all the information about the channel that sends you to strike on the channel. Also, you can see the Email Id Video owner.

There is three Option:

  • Video
  • Content Used
  • Action

Click on the Request Retraction, After that there is learn more button. Click on that.

Retract a claim on Video Infringement, Then there you will get the official Email id of youtube

[email protected]

Then open Gmail, And send an Email to Mail that above Id. And Send mail like this:

Subject – Retract Copyright Strike

Dear Sir, I am Sorry for Uploading Video (VIDEO TITLE) on YouTube in which I have used your content. I assure you that I will never upload this type of video again on my YouTube channel. It’s my mistake that I uploaded a video on my channel that I really apologize I request you to retract the claim.

I will be very thankful to You. Here Are Video Details (Video URL) Thanks (Your Name).

After sending you will get a reply from youtube on Gmail.

They will send you information that they have submitted your request and the owner of the video will be taken back the copyright strike. This all depends upon the Channel owner.

If you have strike so you have to wait for 03 Months, Your strike will be automatically removed. And if you have to 03 Strike in one month. So your channel may be terminated or Deleted.

The channel owner can remove the strike if they send you some information that I have used your video for educational purposes only.