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How to see your subscribers on youtube | How to use Youtube Studio

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How to see your subscribers on youtube

So friends here I will share with you a procedure that how to see your subscriber on youtube, So read the Full article for better knowledge and information.

There are two methods to see the Subscriber on youtube one is with Desktop / Laptop mode and another is Youtube Mobile Web Browser or the YT Studio App. So both the procedure we will see here.

Ok so first we will see the Laptop/Desktop Mode:

So the Stepwise Procedure is as follows:

First Visit the official website of youtube Studio https://studio.youtube.com/

If you have already login with the Email ID, you can directly redirect to your Dashboard on youtube.

If you are not login to google, the First login is with your Google. When you set up your Google ID. You can automatically Redirect to your Youtube Channel Dashboard.

Ok, so When you log in to your Dashboard, you can see more details about your youtube channel.

So our question is How do see subscribers on youtube?

How to see your subscribers on youtube?

There are Two Methods ( Laptop / Mobile )

1. When you see the Laptop/ Desktop

After login into your dashboard, you can easily see it on the right side.

What You can see in the Studio?

You can see the Channel Analytics and Current Subscribers.

You can see the Subscribers.

2. When you use the Mobile

You can open the Chrome Browser on the Mobile and type the https://studio.youtube.com/

After that, you will be redirected to your youtube channel dashboard.

And Another procedure is with the Mobile.

Download the YT studio App.

And I know you Have already login to your Gmail / Google Accounts.

So select your Google Account which has a youtube channel.

you will have to see your channel name and you can see the subscribers.

Below that there is an option for analytics, so you can see the Watch time, Views, Likes, Top Videos, and Subscribers.

So friends hope you get the information about How to see your subscribers on youtube.

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