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How to upload Video on Youtube | And Get More Views on your video

by ytstudio

So in this blog post, we will cover the topic of how to upload videos on youtube that can go Viral Or get a good amount of views o your youtube video. So all the information regarding the uploading video on youtube we will cover here below:

How to upload Youtube Video

Here we will share with you two methods, that you can upload the youtube video. The first one is the From your Desktop Computer, Most of the big YouTubers use their PC ( System ) Computer System. To upload the youtube videos.

If you are using your Computer to Upload video

Then you have to follow some procedure to upload video,

First, open your youtube dashboard, On the Right-hand side, there is a button ( Create ). Click on this Create button.

Then click on the Upload Video.

You can simply drag And drop Your Youtube Video.

Or You can upload manually, by clicking on the Select Files.

And after that one Window will be open, that is about your video.

There is four option are Available when you upload the youtube video.

  • Detail Section
  • Video Element
  • Check and 
  • Visibility

In the Detail Option 

From this, you can set your video Title, Description, Thumbnail, and Audience.

Do you have to choose your Audience?

This Video is made for kid or Not

After that next procedure, we can do it.

In the Video Option 

You can add End Screen and Add Cards, We will discuss that thing in the next blog post.

After that click on the Next button.

In the Check Option 

You can check your copyright of the Video, You can set the right of the Video. OR The youtube will tell you that you have used someone else content on your video.

In the Visibility Option 

You can save or publish your youtube video.

And one Good thing is the Computer or Pc ( Laptop ). You can set the Timing to upload the video. ( Schedule )

If you have to upload tomorrow, But you can upload today by choosing the date and time for upload the video.

On the Right hand, You can see the Video Tittle and thumbnail of your Youtube Video. Check all the information before publishing the Video.

On the below side, you will have to see the Uploading percentage ( % ). You can guess how much your youtube video uploaded.

When your video Completed 100%. Then you can publish and your video will be live. Anybody can see your video.

Then Finally you can publish your Video.

Now we will see how you can upload the Video using Mobile Phone

How to upload Video using Mobile Phone ( Smartphone )

First, you will need the youtube app on your mobile phone. I don’t know which user you are android or iPhone.

You can download the App from the Google play store and App Store.

Steps to upload the Video:

Open youtube App

You will have to see the Youtube Videos.

You will have to see the Five option below the side of the app.

  • Home
  • Explore
  • Create
  • Subscription and
  • Libary

Here we have to see the Uploading option.

So click on the Create Button ( + ) Option.

By Clicking on this you can Upload Video, Create a short, Go live and Create Post.

But here we see how to upload videos on youtube.

After that click on the Next button, Choose your title and description. Select audience and then finally click on the uploaded video.

By clicking on the library You can see the % of Video uploaded and Timing for the youtube video.

Then your youtube video will be live. Anyone can see your youtube videos. You can change it into private also.

Now finally, We will see how to get more views on the youtube video.

For getting a good amount of views:

This is a video platform, which means you have to create a good video. The Voice should be clear and the Video graphic should be good.

And one thing is that you have to make the thumbnail good-looking and catchy to the people ( Audience ).

You have to apply all the energy to create a good video.

Make only one video in a week, but that should be great. And everyone should watch this video.

Ok so hope you guys get all the information regarding the How to upload Youtube Video And Get More Views on Your Youtube Video.

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