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What is super chat on youtube | How to enable super chat on youtube

by ytstudio

So Hellow friends in this blog post we will see what is the super chat on the youtube, and how o claim that super chat. Means how to withdraw that super chat amount ( money ) into your bank account. Ok, so all the information we will see below.

The Superchat feature works when you are making live video, like gaming Video ( streaming Video )

First, we will see

What is the Superchat on youtube?

Superchat is one of the best Features like ( Ads ) Running on youtube Video. But this is different Feature.

Ok, so Super chat is Highlighted Messege.

Superchat is the feature for the Live Streamer ( Video Gamer ). When the Gamers goes live and we have seen them on youtube. When the YouTubers are live. So comments are moving very fastly. We can not see the comment on youtube. Because so many Subscribers are doing comments.

So the subscriber can do the payment using google pay. To Show, their name Highlighted on the youtube comment section.

By using this Superchat your big YouTuber can announce your name. If you want to talk to your Youtuber like Carryslive or Pewdiepie.

And if you are giving some money using google pay like 20, 50, 100, and 1000 Rs.

So every Amount has different Colour. ( Red, Green, Blue Others )

How to enable super chat on youtube?

If you are new to youtube ( And you have started the new Gaming Channel ) and you are starting to super chat option. But this option ( Feature ) is not for everyone.

So to get a super chat option on youtube?

You will need 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Hrs on youtube ( Like Monetizations Rules ). After Completing these Subscribers and watch time you will get a monetization option and also a super chat option.

How super chat can give Subscribers to YouTubers?

In the comment section, you will have to see three options

  • Super stickers
  • Super chat
  • Join

So click on the Super chat, After Clicking on this

You can buy the Superchat minimum Amount is 20 Rs and Maximum is 10,000 Rs.

Click on buy and Send

There are Payment methods like:

Credit Card or Debit Card

Add Bank account With BHIM UPU ID

You can do payments Using this method. ( To Highlight your name )

How to claim super chat on youtube?

So super chat ( money ) will be added to your youtube creator studio, youtube will be cut some % ( Amount ) and Final AMount will be added to your creator studio.

Youtube cuts 30% on Superchat. When you streaming a video.

Ok so hope you guys get the information about the Super chat on youtube.

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