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Why Adsense monetization Disabled on your youtube Channel

by ytstudio

Here in this blog post, we will share with you some information about Youtube monetization, Why ( Adsense )  monetization is disabled on your youtube channel. So read the information which is provided below.

Why is Adsense monetization Disabled on your youtube Channel

If you are doing some wrong with the youtube ( Adsense ) terms and policy so your youtube channel may be de-monetized.

What type of Mistake You have done that is,

1) Misleading titles

Means you have entered so many titles in your description box also, You have to remove that unwanted title.

If your video is about “How to Make Money Online”

This is your youtube Title but you are also entering this text in the description box. So you should have to write some information about the How to make money online.

How to fix:

Don’t Enter the text  like this

  • How to make money online in 2021
  • How to make money online in 2022
  • How to make money online with mobiles
  • How to make money online with a youtube channel
  • How to make money online tips for students

This Misleading comes under the violation of the terms and conditions of youtube.

2) Adsense Identity Verification Fails

If you have completed the 10$ threshold in your AdSense Account, So Adsense ( team ) will send your PIN to your postal address which you have provided at the time of creating the AdSense Account.

When you verify the address Verification, The Verification is Identity verification.

Identity Verification:

You have to provide the Government ID proof to verify the Identity, Means you have to upload some important Document such as Passport, PAN Card OR Driving License.

There is Three ( 3 ) Chance or Attempt to verify your Identity.

After the Three verifications, your Account may be Disable. So please upload a clean and clear photo at the time of verification.

After attempting the 03 Chance your monetization disables, So what to do after that.

How to fix:

Create a new Adsense Account with a new ( GMAIL ) Id, ad link this with your youtube channel.

3) Copy Videos ( Copy of Somebody else )

If you have stolen somebody else video and recreated it, but you are earning the money. But whenever youtube captures you that you’re doing that type of works. So your monetization may be disabled.

Create your own Videos.

If you are a Video editor ( So don’t download video from youtube ) and publish it Again to youtube.

If you are a music creator so ( Don’t Copy anybody’s music or Beats ) you may get copyright and the channel may be demonitized.

3) Invalid Click

If you have 1K (1000) Subscribers and your youtube channel is monetized, but your youtube videos have only 200, 300, 500 Views. So the CTR ( Click-through rate ) may be increased and CTR increased above the particular limit. So your youtube channel may be demonetized.

After the Monetization,

And if your video has only 200,300 OR 500 Views So you can not make money more. So try to increase the Views. IF your videos have more vies so you can make more money.

How to fix:

If you have the daily 1K OR 5K Views on youtube Channel then on the youtube monetization. Otherwise, you can stop monetization from the youtube Studio.

Don’t watch your youtube videos on your mobile phone.

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