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youtube.com/activate | How to activate youtube on smart & android tv

by ytstudio

So in this blog post, we will share with you information about how to activate your youtube tv in smart or android tv. So read the article carefully and activate your youtube.

How to connect smart Tv to youtube?

Open the youtube App on your tv, then there is some dialogue box open and there is (

Welcome! sign in for the best experience ) written like this.

And there are two buttons Sign in and Not now.

So click on the sign-in button.

There is one popup showing like this ( Sign in to youtube )

01) On your phone or Computer go to (  youtube.com/activate)

02) Sign in with a google account or activate ( Code is given like DFGHLKJH )

How to connect your tv to youtube?

So first you need to open google.com and search for youtube.com/activate. 

You can directly open it here: Click here 

You must sign into your google account, if you don’t have a google account make one and then sign in with your Google account.

Then after that find the generated code  ( DFGHLKJH ) on your device or in the youtube app.

Enter the code ( Simply your work is done )

Now, we will see another method to activate youtube tv in smart tv.

Finally ( your device is connected successfully).

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