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What is Terabox App? and Why it is so Popular?

by ytstudio

Here in this blog post, We are going to discuss the most powerful cloud storage app which is TeraBoxApp. We will see all the information regarding the Terabox App. It is chargeable or not? So much about the Terabox App.

So first of all What is Terabox App? and Why it is so popular?

What is the Terabox App?

TeraboxApp: TeraBox is the app that gives you cloud storage of 1024GB which is Approximately ( 1TB ). In this App, you can upload the Video, Photos, Documents, and Live photos ( Take photo and upload ). In short, Upload a video and share it with your friends ( Via Links )

If you want to upload videos it is chargeable. It takes Rs 45/ Month. Photos and documents are free to upload.

What is TeraBox Premium?
Terabox Premium provides you with large spaces on the internet it is approximately 2 TB.

What do we get in the premium plan?

  • 2TB Large Space
  • High-Speed Download
  • Multi-Speed Video Playback
  • Backup Your Videos
  • Unlimited Files transfer
  • Backup Large Files
  • Spaces
  • Ads Free
  • Recycle Bin
  • Cloud Decompression
  • Audio Playback Speed Control
  • Automatic Folder Backup
  • Photo Editing
  • Upload Videos On your Phone
  • Parallel Downloads

Here is the Premium Plan for Terabox.

What is the Premium Plan for Terabox?

Monthly it costs around 45 Rs / Month.

Yearly it costs around 3250 Rs / Month.

Monthly it costs around 420 Rs / Month.

Monthly it costs around 4350 Rs / Month.

You can say it is one of the best storage for videos and other files. Because you will buy an SD card it is more costier than the TeraBox App.

How to Register with the TeraBox App?

You will need to log in with your Google account or your mobile number. OTP will be sent to your mobile or email. Enter the OTP and enjoy the 1024GB of Storage for free.

What are the folder ( Functions ) on the TeraBox App?

On the bottom section of the App, there are five folders ( Icons ).
01) Home: Where you can see the Photos, Videos, Documents, and music.

02) Folder: Where you can see Folder and Files.

03) Album ( Gallery ): From there you can upload photos.

04) Theater ( Videos ): You can upload videos and share them with your friends.

05) Hive ( Groups/ Channel ): Where you can see lots of groups like Movies, Sports, Anime, Apps, and more.

Hope you guys get the information about the Terabox App.

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