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My first youtube paycheck | How much do youtuber make ( $ ) in the US

by ytstudio

Hello Friends, In this blog post we will see my first YouTube paycheck and how much money I have made. So here is the information given below. Also, we will see how much YouTubers earn dollars.

Before I would like to tell you that, You should monetize your channel. So what are the criteria for YouTube monetization (YouTube partner program)?

When my YouTube channel will be monetized?

When you upload videos on a daily basis, weekly basis, or monthly basis. One of the videos will go viral and you will get lots of views. And your channel can be monetized when you complete the YPP ( monetization criteria ). 

And, Here are the criteria for YouTube monetization are given below:

  • Subscribers: 1000 ( 1K ) 
  • Watch Time: 4000 Hrs
  • Shorts: 10M pageviews

This means your channel should complete 1K subscribers and 4000 Watch hours in the last 365 Days. There is an option also available

So click on Get notified. And yeah google will send your email that you are eligible for YPP. (YouTube partner program). YouTube will tell you to create an Adsense account. All the payments are done by the AdSense.

What is AdSense?

It is the product or service of Google, That shows ads on your YouTube channel and blogs. So sign up for an AdSense account. This Adsense will show you all the earning reports like payment release date, Name, and others.

If you want to see your earnings report you can use YTSTUDIO App. This will show you daily data reports of videos.

After monetizing your channel ads will appear on your channel.

After that, When you complete the $10 YouTube will send you a PIN to verify the address. Also, for Identity proof, you have to enter your Passport or PAN card information. You have to upload the image of that passport.

My first YouTube paycheck?

If a paycheck ( payment ) from YouTube it will be $100 only. When the $100 is completed in the Adsense account. It will be sent to the account holder of that bank mentioned in the Adsense account on the 21st date of every month.

If you are thinking of taking payments of $50,$60, or $90. No, it will not be sent by Google AdSense. You have to complete the $100 threshold in your AdSense account.

How much do YouTubers make ( $ ) in the US?

And if you want to see my first YouTube payment is CA$602. ( Canadian Dollars ). 

We have only 14  Long form Videos, From those 14 Videos only 04 or 05 videos are earning on daily. and got $100+ monthly payments from YouTube ( Google Adsense ).

You can see that most viral videos have only 181K, 191K, and 500K Views. You can see the channel below for more information. If you want to see the YouTube channel is given here:

Here is my YouTube channel: Link

Hope you guys get the information about my YouTube paycheck.

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