How to find the best topic for youtube Channel | Most searched topics on youtube

How to find the best topic for youtube videos

Here in this blog post, we will share with you how you can find the best topic for youtube to make videos and earn money through it. In the Wolrd, there is so many peoples are trying to become a YouTuber. But they don’t know what type of videos should we create.

And when the Video will be Gone to viral Video Section, All the problems thinking the YouTubers, So here we will suggest to you the best topics for the growth of the youtube channel. If you create a channel in this category. So your video can come to the average views. and maybe your youtube channel grows.

So below is the list of the Topics:

1 ) Make a video Helpful to People ( Audience )

If you are making the videos like “how to drink water”, So without that video you can make the Video like “What are the benefits of drinking water.” 

So make sure that the video will be helpful to the audience.

2 ) Trying to solve the problems of the Students

Example: If a big youtube creator makes a video like What is biology, But he wants to know about Chemistry and He is Comment on his video ( What is Biology ) So you can make the Video about the ( What is Chemistry ).

3 )  Active on Social Media ( Trending Videos )


The Money heist season 05 is Releasing on the 3rd September 2021, if you are not active so you don’t know about the Money Heist Netflix web series.

So you can make the Video like,

Who is the Director of the Money heist season 05?

What is the total budget of the Money heist season 05?

What is the box office collection?

Where is the Shoot completed of money heist?

What is the Camera used in the Movies?

Means relate to the Money heist you have to create the Videos, and your video maybe gets Good Views.

4 ) Follow the Big YouTubers


If the Technical Guruji Unbox the mobile which is the iPhone 13.

So you can make the Video like,

What is the iOS version of the Mobile?

Which processor was used in the Iphone13?

What is the MAh Battery Available in the iPhone 13?

What type of charger is supported by iPhone 13?

Is there is Earbuds freely available in the Box?

05)  Reply to the youtube Comment?

You can reply to the subscribers by making the video. And you get the topic to make the Video. You don’t have to find the topics because subscribers comment on you and solve that problem by making Videos.

So finally,

I would like to tell you that make the Videos that will be helpful to the audience, And automatically Audience will subscribe to you.