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Top 05 High CPM Niches On Youtube To Make Money | $50 to $60 Per 1K Views

by ytstudio

Top 05 High CPM Niches On Youtube

Here in this blog post, we will see the information about the top 5 CPM niches on youtube that can earn more money. You can make money at least $50 to $60 on the 1K ( Views ). We will see the youtube channel also that is making more money from AdSense.

I would like to tell you that all the CPM and CPC matters are on the keyword of that video.

If you are using some Keywords like,

  • Money ( Finance )
  • loan
  • Mortgage
  • Hosting
  • Domain
  • Luxury
  • Paid
  • Bank
  • Insurance

So you will get a high CPM rate like $15 to $20 per thousand views.

So we will see more information about this.

*This youtube channel is making good amount of money*

01 ) VYBO ( Channel name )  

This Channel is in the money affirmation niche. So this is a High CPM niche. Advertisers more advertise on this channel because the people who watch this channel are a little bit older they have access to money and are willing to spend on products and services so this channel is probably earning from anywhere $15 to $20 from the thousand views. This is much higher than the average channel on youtube.

02) Trend Max ( Channel name )  

This particular channel is doing luxury lifestyle videos. So General Luxury has a High CPM approximately $12 to $ 15 per thousand views.

This channel has 2.05 Million Subscribers on youtube.

This channel makes a video like

  • Top 10 Richest YouTubers 
  • The Biggest mall in the world
  • Top 10 best gaming laptop
  • Top 10 highest-paid athletes

This channel is making videos on the finance niche and This channel is not showing its face means you can say this is a faceless channel that earns more money.

03) Legendary Productions ( Channel name )  

This channel is making videos on luxury houses, Luxury cars, and luxury mansion-style videos. They are partners with the nation’s top brokers. They go to different real estate owners’ firms.

They are using non Copyright images and videos to create full youtube videos. And they are getting millions of views. Probably they are making $15 to $20 from the 1K views.

04)  Mr. Luxury ( Channel name ) 

So this channel is called Mr. Luxury. This channel is talking about everything luxury like Houses, cars, watches, Bungalows, diamonds, Jewelry, and more.

Also this channel Cover

  • Top 05 Actors
  • Top 05 Athletes
  • The Most expensive house in the world
  • 06 Most expensive luxury watches

You know this channel is covering finance and expensive means high CPM Niches.

This channel is also a faceless channel. They are making a video but they do not show their face.

05)  09 Figure life ( Channel name ) 

This channel is doing a general luxury but they are talking about billionaires, Deca millionaires, and the crazy lifestyle of specific people. So they are leveraging people’s names like Vladimir Putin, Rothschild, and the Saudi Royal family.

This channel is doing very well for itself.

Hope you guys get the information about the High CPM niches on youtube to make more money.

Hope you guys get the information about High CPM Niches On Youtube.

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