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How to create Whatsapp Channel | WhatsApp New Feature For Engaging Audience

by ytstudio

Here in this blog post, we will see the information about How to create a WhatsApp channel And share your photos and videos with your followers. If you have to share the photos and videos with your followers like Instagram you can now share them on WhatsApp also.

This is one of the best features invented by WhatsApp like the Telegram Channel, Instagram Page, or Facebook Page that we have already used. By sharing the Link to your Whatsapp channel you can engage with your audience.

If you have to create a channel for WhatsApp you should use ( Business Whatsapp ). It is not working on the regular WhatsApp which we are using in our daily usage.

How to create a WhatsApp channel?

I would like to tell you that everybody ( person ) cannot create a channel. To create a channel there are some criteria you must fulfill ( You should have to join the waitlist ). If you are a new person you don’t have the option to create a channel. You have only to see the Find channel option.

After updating the Business Whatsapp, on the updates section of your Business WhatsApp App. You can see the status option below that there is an option on the right-hand side to create a channel or Find a channel.

So simply click on the Create Channel. Give the name of your channel. Enter the description of your channel.  Just like we are making a group.

Where is the option to create a WhatsApp channel?

If you are an Android phone ( Mobile ) User:

If you are using an old version of Business WhatsApp then you should have to update it from the PlayStore to version Then you should see the channel ( Updates ) option. Otherwise, you don’t have to see the channel option.

On the Top bar of WhatsApp, you have to see three menus like

  • Chats
  • Updates
  • Call

In the Updates ( Tab ) section, you can see your regular status, Below that there is a Channel option. From that Channel, you can see the Actor, Actress, Media News Company, Youtubers, and Famous personality Channel. 

What is the Privacy in the WhatsApp channel?

Here on WhatsApp Channel, no one can see your photos and profile picture even the WhatsApp Channel owner can not see your DP ( profile picture ) or Status. If your personal friends or family join the channel you can see them on WhatsApp.

If we join the WhatsApp group we can see everybody’s mobile number, So joining other unknown groups is risky. The group owners can see our mobile number and profile photos.

Instead of These, You can join News Companies and Actors groups, you can now prefer WhatsApp channel for more security reasons.

So creating a WhatsApp channel is good for news and media companies, YouTubers, Influencers, Actors, and celebrities.

Hope you guys get the information about the WhatsApp channel.

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