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How to use Songs in Youtube Video without copyright

by ytstudio

Here in this blog post, we will see, How to use the songs in the youtube video without copyright. If you are a Youtube Video creator then you knew about Music Copyright or song copyright.

When we use someone’s music clip or songs for more than 30 Sec, then copyright can come on your original video. You can not earn money from that video. If you are the creator of the video. Because you should have to use your own music in the video.

If you use someone else music in your video, then all the Revenue of your video will be going to Music owners. Your effort will be going to zero. Therefore we are telling you how to use audio songs.

This blog post is helpful for Entertainment video creators, Music makers, Dance Videomakers, and Voice artists.

How to use Songs in Youtube Videos without copyright

First, you have to make the youtube channel and log in with your ID and password.

Open the creator studio, on the left-hand side, you will have to see the option which is the audio library. You can use all the music in the Video, without copyright. This is the old method.

But now we can see here below how to use Bollywood, and Hollywood songs.

Youtube officially announced,

Creator Music: 

Creator music is one of the best features there you can see Bollywood, Hollywood, and other songs there.

In that creator music ( button/ Option ) Home, Browser, and library. (These three options are available )

For use of Music/Songs, there are two conditions, either you can buy the license of the songs or you can share revenue with the Copyright owner ( Music owner ).

If you want this option, so your channel should be monetized. ( 1K Subscribers and 4000 Watch time hrs )

Can we see both options on each song?

No, Because every Music owner Can not share their original songs.

Finally, I would like to tell you that this option is not available for each creator.

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